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Mobile prosthetics – in general

Mobile dental prosthetics in CroatiaMobile prosthetic work is each work the patient can remove himself. Such prosthetic solutions are mostly used when, for whatever reason, fixed or semi-fixed prosthetic work is not possible. Besides, it's often done for economic reasons, since mobile prosthetic work is cheaper than fixed or semi-fixed prosthetic works, although it cannot be compared to them in its functional and aesthetic values.

  • The biggest advantage of mobile prosthetic works is their price and simplicity of fabrication
  • Complete denture is used when we need to restore edentulous jaw

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile prosthetic works

The biggest advantage of mobile prosthetic works is their price and simplicity of fabrication. This is exactly why a certain number of patients opt for mobile prosthetic solutions. This type of prosthesis ensures quality of food consumption and satisfying aesthetics, but its mobility can sometimes cause the feeling of instability in patient’s mouth. That feeling of instability is something that patients have problems getting used to.

Full or complete prosthetic works

Complete denturesFull or complete dentures are used for restoration of edentulous jaw. We recommend it as an alternative and more economic solution for restoration of edentulous jaw only when dental implant placement is not possible. The main disadvantage in relation to fixed and semi-fixed solutions is deterioration of the jawbone.

Complete dentures also lack an element to which the dentures can be fixed in order to improve its stability. In this case the only stability of dentures can be artificial palate, which will create a vacuum between the artificial and natural palate. Getting used to such mobile dentures is very slow and the patient can experience discomfort as well as impulse to vomit.

Semi or partial prosthetic works

Semi or partial dentures are used when the patient is missing several teeth, but not all. It is used as a solution when it's impossible to make a dental bridge or place dental implants and when the patient wants a more economic i.e. cheaper prosthetic restoration. Mobile dentures can be made of different materials and using different systems of attachment. They are commonly made of plastics with joints, and of metal and plastics with joints or with precision balls attachment.