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What is x-ray

Dental x-ray in CroatiaIn order for the dentist to determine a correct diagnosis in any branch of dentistry, he needs a modern x-ray apparatus. For such precise diagnostics we use modern digital dental x-ray.

  • Orthopan is a photo of upper and lower jaw with surrounding anatomical structures. We can get general information about skull bones, jaw and teeth from it.
  • Intraoral dental photo gives us an overview of individual teeth, crown details, tooth root and surrounding structures of periodontium and alveolar bone.
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Francesco, Gavardo (Italy)

What are the advantages of digital photos

Advantages of digital photosBy using this modern equipment we get high quality digital photos which are suitable for manipulation, display on PC in all sizes, and by making a backup copy we minimize the possibility of their loss.

Digital technology enabled considerable reduction of harmful x-radiation (up to 90%), which made these types of recordings much safer for the patient and the staff.

There is a regular and strict checkup of all apparatus in our dental practice so that all our patients and staff are safe from unwanted radiation.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a bitewing radiograph?
Using bitewing radiograph we get an overview and analysis of the space between the teeth of upper and lower jaw. This image gives us an overview of crowns of both jaws and helps us detect caries and dental tartar in hardly accessible areas.

2. Is it possible to make an Orthopan of a child’s jaw?
Yes! Because of very specific air flow we can very well perceive details of the child’s jaw. We can get a real overview of the germs of permanent teeth and perceive possible anomalies in time. Radiation is additionally reduced for our little patients.

3. What is a segmented Orthopan?
Using a segmented Orthopan we get an overview of the left and right quadrant and the front. This way we can avoid dark places (shadows) arising from cervical spine.